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"Lifting up others using the power of imagination, Creativity and the belief that anything is possible"

Based in Richmond,VA

Hello, my name is Ivan Haynes, creator of High Club Productions. My distinct approach to content creation helps my clients achieve that professional yet inspired look needed to better share their vision with the world. I work to create consistent shareable media and specialize in achieving all promised results. Cinematography, videography, photography, music videos, weddings, and special events. I have experience in creative production development. I'm a skilled editor and offer various post-production services. I aim to deliver high-quality finished products that express personality and captivate audiences.

Why do I do what I do?

Simply because I love it. The process, the experience, and especially the effect I'm able to cause in others through my work, my head is always in the clouds and I can see it all from this point of view. "

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